The Beneficiaries


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What if everything that you were taught in school was wrong or completely overlooked? What if history, language, science and math have a total different meaning and purpose? What if I could show you your greatness within each one of those subjects? What if I told you everything in the world belongs to us and we are the beneficiaries?

Understand, you are the descendants of this great land, a gift to the world. You are the beneficiary and inheritor of your ancestors no matter what they endured or suffered. You inherited their greatness and accomplishments. The Creator blessed you and has left the world in your care, and you must learn what to do with it.

In The Beneficiaries, author Virgil Brannon discusses how you are the gift with great power and influence in the world. He offers a step-by-step guide on how to find your gift and live your legacy using basic knowledge as a strategy for life success. Brannon teaches that self-reliance and self-respect are the main tools to realizing your purpose and achieving your goals. He brings a fresh perspective on why it’s important to stop complaining about events of the past and to understand there is a possibility for a new start, a new beginning.

The Beneficiaries was written to inspirer, build confidence and empower ones unique abilities. It is to help ones find themselves and their purpose.

The Beneficiaries communicates the key to life is growth, and you must progress no matter the circumstances or the consequences. It empowers you to go forward in living a happier life while providing solutions and simple ways for you to make your life better.

The Beneficiary Of Greatness.